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Grand Paradise Ranch

Added: 02/09/2010 12:47pm. Last updated: 09/10/2014 11:03am
General Information
Stable manager/owner: Tom Freeman
Stable website:
Type of stable: public

Address and Contact
Street: 901 Grand Paradise Lane
City: Caseyville
State: IL
ZIP Code: 62232
Phone number: 618-345-3015

Property Profile
Approximate size of property: 24 acres
Approximate number of horses on property: less than 25
Approximate age of stalls: less than 10 years old
Types/sizes of stalls: Box stall
Number of arenas: 1-5
Type of footing in the arenas: Clacier sand and ggt & mag dust control
Number of turnouts: 1-5
Type of turnout: dirt
Access to trails or bridle path: easy to access
Approx. number of vets in service area: 1-5
Approx. number of farriers in service area: 1-5

Number of trainers on premises: 1
Trainers for which disciplines: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Western Pleasure, Saddle Seat, Trail Riding

Disciplines supported: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, Western Pleasure, Western Roping, Saddle Seat, Endurance, Natural Horsemanship, Trail Riding, Other
Type of feed: Alfalfa hay, Orchard hay
Supplemental feeding services: yes
Frequency of stall cleaning: once a day
Horse shows held: yes
Indoor or covered arena available: yes
Eventing course available: no
Eventing course level: N/A
Race track available: no
Hot walker or Euroxciser available: none
Grooming/care services available: yes
Number of crossties: 1-5
Number of hitching posts: 1-5
Number of washracks: 1-5
Heated water in washracks: yes
Breeding facilities available: no
Trailer parking available: yes
Grazing available: yes

General boarding costs: $200-$400/month
Cost of trailer parking: less than $25/month

Other features: Climate controlled lounge, tack room, washroom, handicapped accessible restrooms too.
Beautiful facility with wonderful, caring owners/managers. 80 x 200 indoor and outdoor arenas. Round pen available. Family friendly atmosphere that welcomes all disciplines and breeds. All grain and hay is weighted at both feedings everyday. You know exactly what your horses is getting. Automatic waters in each stall.
We're located 9 miles from Scott Air Force Base and we support out military.
Turn out everyday weather permitting.
essons are available in Hunt Seat,Dressage, Saddleseat and Western. Beginners to advanced riders welcomed.

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Reviews for Grand Paradise Ranch

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Reviewed by Looking For The Prince on 09/26/2013 4:58pm
82 out of 289 people found this review helpful
What I like:
Riding arenas, feeding, nice owners
What needs improvement:
Turn-out and turn-out areas (awful), stall care (ammonia and flies, thin bedding, hock sores). Noisy, chaotic environment - staffing issues, trainer needs better people skills and more horse health knowledge even though she is \"nationally-acclaimed\", need to lower the rate of horse health problems and accidents (vet calls are numerous). It\'s way over-crowded. Boarders must compete with owner\'s horses for riding space and resources, but, hey, they need a way to pay for their arena. Bottom line - your horse is definitely NOT their highest priority..
Stable Owner's Response:
We give all of our new potential clients a barn tour and show them the whole facility and turn out areas and they make make there determination as if it is fit for there horse. Stalls are cleaned 7 days a week.less staffing issues than most other barns deal with and stalls cleaned more days than other facility's generally do. We have never had any complaints on hock sores. Or have we ever had any complaints on ammonia smell or flies. We have had no horse health problems caused by our facility that we our aware of. We have had no human or horse accidents that we our aware of. That is not to say that a horse does not hurt itself in some way. We our dealing with a large animal. Vet calls are no more than any other barn has. We don't advertise a "nationally acclaimed" trainer. Trainer is not a vet and has been around horses her whole life. Her people skills must be petty good as she has a full training and lesson schedule. The bottom line is we have very little turn over here. Most people move in and stay. Come out and talk to our boarders and ask them about the chaotic environment and how important there horse is to us and you will see that this rating is not accurate. Our clients our your true avenue to a real review. Please stop in anytime!
Submitted: 09/10/2014 10:51am
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Reviewed by Charis on 05/06/2012 8:58pm
137 out of 309 people found this review helpful
What I like:
I am currently boarding my horse at GPR and it is a amazing place! Great people, horses, and of course the barn is immaculate! There are all different riding disciplines of riding here. I love to trail ride, and have a never ending list of friends who go with me! I have taken English lessons with Jessica and she is very knowledgeable and patient in her teaching. The owners are very caring and diligent in their jobs as barn managers. I just love the personal touches like getting pictures sent to my iPhone of my horse while I am away on vacations. I never worry about my horse, never! She is in great hands! Thank you Tom and Linda! ~ Charis
What needs improvement:
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Reviewed by Debbie Vlcek on 02/12/2010 7:50pm
106 out of 290 people found this review helpful
What I like:
The Freeman's have a wonderful stable. My horse is very happy with his home. I have one of the stalls that has a turnout area and it is very nice, especially when the horses can't be turned out due to inclement weather. Most of the boarders are very nice, caring folks who will help you whenever you need help. The resident trainer is helping to re-train my rerired TB. the barn is only about 5 minutes from my house which makes it very convenient. I love this place and the people who own it.
What needs improvement:
I really have no idea as to improvements to GPR.
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Reviewed by Boarder on 02/09/2010 12:54pm
110 out of 332 people found this review helpful
What I like:
We are VERY happy with this boarding facility.
As active duty military it's not always easy finding a new home for our horses every four years.
We truly feel at home here and were made to feel very welcome.
I have owned my own facilities before and can say Tom and Linda do a great job running this place. Give it a 9 out of 10!
What needs improvement:
Would be nice to have more pastures but that is always a challenge. Horses are turned out everyday weather permitting.
I work my horses everyday so if they don't get out that day it's not the end of the world.
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