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Green Mountain Stables

Added: 05/22/2010 11:43pm. Last updated: 12/17/2013 3:11pm
General Information
Stable manager/owner: Bob and Gail Posey
Stable website: unknown
Type of stable: public

Address and Contact
Street: 4505 NE 238th Ave
City: Vancouver
State: WA
ZIP Code: 98682
Phone number: 360-833-1865

Property Profile
Approximate size of property: 18 acres
Approximate number of horses on property: 25-49
Approximate age of stalls: less than 10 years old
Types/sizes of stalls: Box stall
Number of arenas: 1-5
Type of footing in the arenas: Cedar hogfuel indoors, mud outdoors
Number of turnouts: 11-15
Type of turnout: both grass and dirt
Access to trails or bridle path: easy to access
Approx. number of vets in service area: 6-10
Approx. number of farriers in service area: 6-10

Number of trainers on premises: none
Trainers for which disciplines: unknown

Disciplines supported: Western Pleasure, Natural Horsemanship, Trail Riding, Other
Type of feed: Orchard hay, Other
Supplemental feeding services: yes
Frequency of stall cleaning: once a day
Horse shows held: no
Indoor or covered arena available: yes
Eventing course available: no
Eventing course level: N/A
Race track available: unknown
Hot walker or Euroxciser available: unknown
Grooming/care services available: unknown
Number of crossties: 1-5
Number of hitching posts: 1-5
Number of washracks: 1-5
Heated water in washracks: yes
Breeding facilities available: no
Trailer parking available: yes
Grazing available: yes

General boarding costs: $200-$400/month
Cost of trailer parking: N/A

Other features: none

Information is updated by stable manager

Reviews for Green Mountain Stables

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Reviewed by HorseRider on 02/14/2015 12:15am
10 out of 17 people found this review helpful
What I like:
Big indoor arena and trails are close by.
What needs improvement:
ALOT! The people that clean the stalls do a crappy job, and hardly put any bedding down, the paddocks are gravel, there is very little grass at any time of year, at least 6 inches of mud at all the gates to the pastures. The owners, Bob and Gail Posey care more about money and appearances than the horses or their owners. They feed mid quality hay and only one flake am and pm, and heaven forbid you ask them to add supplements to your horse's feed! Then you have to hope they give it to them and do it correctly! At $400.00 per month for full care and $300.00 partial care I would say that it is definitely NOT worth it!
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Reviewed by Current Boarder on 01/24/2015 5:04pm
14 out of 22 people found this review helpful
What I like:
The other boarders are all very nice, the staff, if they don't quit or get run off are usually professional and helpful, but not always. Rachelle was great, Tina was ok, the newest people there, Leslie and Nick were super, closest to Rachelle we got, but they are gone now, Melissa and Justin are awful, they are fake and dont really care about the horses, and have little to no horse experience.
What needs improvement:
Bob and Gail.
There are Horse people and there are horse owners. Bob and Gail are Horse owners. They treat the horses as livestock.
The facility is very nice but maybe too nice. Makes a person afraid theyll do something wrong. I will be taking my horse elsewhere very soon. Cost is more than its worth.
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Reviewed by Kim on 11/18/2012 7:41pm
23 out of 55 people found this review helpful
What I like:
3 months ago the original owners Bob & Gail Posey have resumed ownership . They have a 100x150 covered arena and a 150x200 outside arena + round pen. This is a very friendly atmosphere and horse are kept clean and happy.
What needs improvement:
Bob is currently getting the stables in top shape.
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Reviewed by Nwrider on 03/30/2012 6:05pm
14 out of 56 people found this review helpful
What I like:
Knowledgeable people, great indoor riding arena, wonderful trails, some really good improvements over the last couple of years
What needs improvement:
There's a boarder who's a trouble maker that should leave.
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Reviewed by Ex-boarder on 01/08/2012 5:22pm
30 out of 72 people found this review helpful
What I like:
good sized indoor
What needs improvement:
previous review is an accurate portrayal of facility. Very poor quality hay, usually no grass in turnouts for grazing, muddy in winter. Too expensive for what you get.
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Reviewed by Unhappy Boarder on 08/17/2011 5:03pm
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